Sunday, September 21, 2014

Labor Day and More

For Labor Day, we went to Southern Utah to go camping with Jessica's family.  We stayed in cabins near the Big Rock Candy Mountain.  When we went out for a walk, Peter was able to capture this photo.  We both thought that is was really cool.

While there we were able to catch up with all the family there, go four wheeling for a bit (no we did not take Sven with us, he was napping) and just relaxed.  Sven enjoyed being outside without it being super hot, and just crawling around on the grass.  He also watched all the ATV's driving by and thought that they were fun.

Jessica's grandma brought different colored sand and bottles to make these fun sand pieces.

He really wanted to drive, but he just had to pretend while it remained off.

Sven just disappears with his jacket on.

Sitting around the campfire, which Sven loved.  I think the boy in him came out when the fire was built.

Our campsite.

We had lots of fun being out and about on the weekend.

Sven is growing so well.  He hits 9 months today.  He has started to crawl everywhere.  With that he has learned that there is so many fun things he can reach.  To curb this we had to get a gate for the kitchen. 

Sven trying to break into the kitchen.

I can reach it!!!!!!

Bath Toy

Nap Time

Sven playing in our new pool.
We did buy a pool.  We had seen it on clearance at WalMart all month, and waited until it dropped low enough.  Now Jessica and Sven can cool off during the day, and just have lots of fun.