Tuesday, December 4, 2012


We Made Our Own Dinner It Went Well

Turkey mmm so good

Pumpkin Pie
I love my new pie dish I got it at Pampered chef Party

Peter cut the turkey with one of our wedding gifts. 
I think we have used everything now.

I know it is from the store but it is really good anyways.
 I will have to learn how to make it like Mother Damstedt.

Well here is the the whole dinner. There is jello salad in the back and 
honey butter in the front and dont forget about the sweet potatoes!

I think this is my plate cause I wanted to to make it pretty.  

Something is wrong with this pie... well it needed more 
wipping cream on the top. oh it was good!

We then went outside to make our christmas card I love that Peter was making faces at me when I was trying to get the camera focus. When your hands our cold and the sun is going down it is hart to focus good thing I can use auto on that.  

Well Happy Holiday everyone We will miss 2012 but we can't wait for 2013!