Saturday, April 26, 2014


Sven Turns 3 Months Old

Sven has learned to hold up his head. we are still working on his sides. 
He loves to laugh and play. 

Our Daily life with Sven

Sven love his Marty Bear he fall asleep with it, takes it on our walks, and suck on it all the time.

Sven had his first play date with Zelner. he has to get use to sharing his toys. he love his toys and even dad nerf gun at school. he was a little too young for the the car at walmart maybe in 2 years. 

I have been doing the Green Smoothie Challenge they are not so bad

Sven and the big red ball- he was on there by himself just with me holding the ball still.
he love playing with his easter eggs so cute

6 month clothes he is so cute but so big. he is now about 17 lbs at 4 months
sleeping at church he look so peaceful on easter day

Peter left for Seattle for a day and night leaving jess with a sad baby that just got his 4 mouths shots so baby Sven peed and through up on mom. so he did not have any clothes on all day. (plus he had a fever and it kept it down) oh and he loves playing with spoons when he sees mom eating.

MIRACOCO Luminarium

after 2 days of feeling sick we needed to get out. so we when to this really cool art exhibit. It was called a Luminarium I don't know tell you in words so here they are-