Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 19

St. Gilgen
sense it was a sunday and not much was going on we decide to talk the boat around the lake. the boat ride was so beautiful.
As we where in the middle of the lake we saw people sailing. one of the sail boat almost went over. his sail was touching the water. at the point we went inside to get warm.

I decided to get a hot cocoa to warm up with. It was kinda fun how it was made. They started by putting hot water in to the glass then after the glass was warmed up the dumped out the water and put steamed milk in to the glass. Then they gave the glass, a spoon, pack of sugar, and a stick of chocolate. The photograph above show what kind it was. very good in deed.

As we where going form town to town there was this one big big how on the side of the lake. I wish that was my summer home. but it would take a long time to clean.

Beautiful Views the whole way
I like that every little town has boat around it and fun houses on the water

This is the city where we decide to get off the boat and look around St. Wolfgang
The window in every town are different but cute

on the boat back we had lots of fun with the napkin on the table.
what do you see?

June 18

Yesterday we travelled all day to get to Salzburg. Then we had to go really fast to get the bus to St. Gilgen where are hostel is located. When I was going down the stairs with my big bag I fell and hurt my foot. I had to just keep going so it hurt even more cause I did not have time to to check it. But I did not break anything.

Back in Salzburg for a Day Trip

In the Salzburg gardens there was may little people that were friends for the people that lived in this palace

Up To the Castle

June 16

Went out and got some great night shots

I love this photograph It was great to be able to get night shots

All the same tones are awesome

Day time

I think that it is amazing that where ever you go there are people playing music. they are also selling cd of there music. In some place it is nice to just get a hot coco and hear them play.
sometime you have to have people in your photographs because there are people everywhere i the street. but you have to make them a different and not the main focus.

We ate really good food for are late night it was really good. and we also had people playing music as we ate. it was like you see in the movies.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 15

First Day In Prague

Subway(cool walls)

Clock Tower in Town Square

Awesome Building
Everything was so tall
The Bridge View

Started out good then... ...then I could not find the group.

When I got to the end of the bridge I did not find the group so I walked back and forward to find them but there where not there. so I was going to find my way to the castle but I did not find the right way to go. So I just found my way back to the house. I got lonely.

When everyone came back I still felt alone. Life is full of clicks. You have to fit in somewhere. It is the oddest thing that I never fit in back home in Ketchikan. But now that is the one place I can be myself... I dont have to worry if my hair is messed up because of the wind. I don't have to try to have all the cute clothes. I don't have to go to bars or out to have fun. People like me for me and they like it if I try to help. I did not think that I would get sick of being with people but if you get with the wrong people or maybe even people that are not like you then you fell like the odd ball.

June 14

Train day To Prague

the landscape was so beautiful but was going by so fast I was not able to get the best photographs. I love how green it is here it reminds me of alaska but it is flat.

It was a fun day on the train. but before I got on the train I was eating in the market and the bench that I was sitting on fell on my leg. It hurt so bad an know that I am going to get a big bruce.


The Gardens

I feel that the color green makes everyone feel a little better inside. I know when I walk in the garden I feel better. we need plants to help up breath and they need up. The gardens are a good place to get better or just go to find yourself a quite place.

I was able to get a photograph with no people in it.

Red Red Rose

You can always stop and smell the roses

the water is so different that it is green


I love the looks they look like home... but this is how in the old days

Maze and Labyrinth



June 12

Today I was able to go to church. I have never been to church in another country. what they say about the LDS church is that it is the same no matter where you go... this is true. We went back to the museum that we were yesterday it was so fun to see some drawings in the lower part. there was also a photographers work there that we learned about in my photo history class. The images were old and fun to look at.

Photo taken on the streets of old and new together

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 11

After the day before I think that everyone was sleepy and worn out. We went to the market place and i found myself a skirt and lederhosen pants for hans. they are so cute. It was so hot out side the best place to be was in the shade. The back of my legs even got sunburned from walking. but over all it was a fun day.
We walk a lot and did not have too much time for photographs
outside for the palace/museum
In side this museum you can see the famish painting of Klimt "The Kiss". It was amazing to look at one of the photographs that I learned about in art history. I have never really been into paintings because I have never done it before. looking at the details was so amazing. We were not able to take photographs inside so I have added a image from the internet.
(from internet)

Friday, June 10, 2011

June 10

It is really hard to ride a bike and take a photograph at the same time

we were having lunch and the baby deer was the pet of the owners cause the mother had died.

River view


Little Town

I did not know that my butt would hurt so much after riding a bike. I found out 1/2 way that my seat was too high and I should have moved it down. It was also hard to keep your eyes on the road riding cause I wanted to take photographs of everything. It was so green and beautiful. and the grapes growing on the hill in rows were awesome.